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What is the loPenna from Visconti?


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Visconti IoPenna refers to a luxury fountain pen designed by the renowned architect and designer Gaetano Pesce. The pen is made of soft malleable resin and metal pieces, combining innovative design with functionality. The IoPenna collection comes in six vibrant colors, including blue, green, orange, red, violet, and yellow. The IoPenna fountain pen is available for purchase and features a type of fountain pen with a nib made of 23K palladium, providing a smooth writing experience.

Visconti’s IoPenna is widely regarded as a masterpiece in the world of luxury pens, reflecting the harmonious balance of forms that make it a true piece of modern art. Its design showcases the creator’s mastery of architecture and design, as evident in Gaetano Pesce’s works displayed in major museums worldwide.

The pen’s cap is made of hard coloured resin and has a unique design, resembling a human face. The IoPenna logo is prominently displayed on the face of the cap. The innovative use of materials in this pen is a hallmark of Gaetano Pesce’s design for Visconti. The pen has a tactile quality that evokes the softness and sensuality of the human body. This pen is a perfect choice for people who are creative and eclectic, and still enjoy the experience of writing by hand, even in today’s digital age. The IoPenna pen is ultra-modern and is available in a variety of fun and bright colours.

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