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Pelikan-M760 Jubilee Fountain Pen
What is the Pelikan M760 Fountain Pen?

This rare collectible Pelikan fountain pen was released at the 150 year anniversary of the Pelikan Company. They released both the Pelikan M750 and the Pelikan M760 Jubilee.

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It is notable that the first model’s cap engraving indicated the Jubilee which was in 1988. The later issues of the M760 Jubilee for some reason the Jubilee engraving was not there. Needless to say, these are very rare and hard to find. It can be assumed that the M760 Jubilee with the engraving would be a true collector’s dream.

The Pelikan M760 differ from the M750 in that the M760 is gold plated instead of silver. The M760 features a barleycorn pattern and trim. What also makes the 760 unique is that the serial number is engraved at the piston knob.

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