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Parker Oversized Vacumatic Fountain PenThe Parker Oversize Vacumatic Fountain Pen

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Introduced in 1934 the Oversize Vacumatic is one of the largest pen that Parker ever made. Holding more ink than any other fountain pen it is around 15mm wide and 135mm long. In the beginning the pens were opaque. In August 1934 the opaque was replaced by the transparent version of the Oversize Vacumatic fountain pen.

One unique feature are the clear “windows” along the length of the pen telling you how much ink is left. These stripes are sometimes somewhat uneven – which adds to the uniqueness of the 1934 Oversize Vacumatic pen from Parker. Parker got the custom plastic with the striped celluloid pattern from Dupont.Parker subsequently got a design patent for the newly designed plastic.

The Parker Oversize Vacumatic Fountain Pen is of the lockdown type featuring a two tone nib engraved USA PARKER. It came in several designs, such as black, grey and red opaque. In general, the 1930s produced pens that are very collectible today and are sought after. Parker spent five years perfecting the mechanism.


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1934 Parker Oversize Vacumatic Fountain Pen