pelican m900 toledo fountain pen

Pelikan M900 Toledo Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Toledo Model 900 originally was introduced in North America as a Limited Edition. The M900 originally had a 20 carat gold nib, but later changed the feature to 18 carat. The M900 Toledo later became the “New Style” and kept the 18 carat gold nib.

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The process to create this masterpiece of a fountain pen is simply amazing. For thousands of years artists have embellished metal. This technique was adopted by Pelikan as early as 1931 for the M900 Toledo model. The technique remains the same today.

This process consists of the artist creating a pattern on the surface of the metal. Then a thin layer of 18 carat gold leaf is placed on the surface and simply hammered into the surface using a special small hammer. After that the Toledo M900 pen is heated to about 800 degrees Celsius that made the pattern show on the surface.

The heat oxidizes the steel (Damascus) and it turns black. That is when the gold starts to shine. This is all done manually, one pen at a time. Only 200 Pelikan M900 Toledo Fountain Pens are made each month. Making them rare and very collectible.

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Pelikan M900 Toledo Fountain Pen for sale