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Parker 51 Vacumatic Demonstrator

About the Parker 51 Vacumatic Fountain Pen

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The Parker 51 Vacumatic Demonstrator was released by Parker Pens in January, 1941. It is interesting to note that the design was far removed from any other pens sold in those days. It differed in that the nib was enclosed and the feed and collector was far more advanced than other pens.

The word “demonstrator” means that Parker smartly made a see-through model for its salesmen so they could show retailers how the pen worked. Now a days any “demonstrator” pens are highly sought after collector pens.

On the 51 Vacumatic Demostrators fountain pens there were several variations over the years. In the beginning the demonstrators had a hood that was clear and the blind cap was made of a clear jewel. Made of solid colour, the barrel was unmarked. Later on the collector changed to a bright, translucent red plastic. This made it easier to show the pen’s inner workings.


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Parker 51 Vacumatic Demonstrator Fountain Pen