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What is the Grimsmo Saga Pen?

A site with the name Saga Pens would only be expected to list the Grimsmo pen with the same name.

Grimsmo Saga Pen

Saga Pens For Sale  United StatesCanada

If you appreciate well-crafted, precision-machined pens and enjoy the process of unlocking a unique puzzle mechanism, the Grimsmo Saga pen may be a worthwhile addition to your collection.

The Grimsmo Saga pen is a high-end and precision-machined writing instrument created by Grimsmo Knives, a Canadian company specializing in the production of custom knives and other tools. It offers a combination of beauty and functionality, with a sleek, minimalist design and a smooth writing experience. UNIQUE WINE GIFTS

One of the standout features of the Grimsmo Saga pen is its clever ball-lock mechanism. This mechanism is simple and elegant to use for those who are familiar with it, but it can be quite a puzzle for those who are new to it. Figuring out its operation can be a fun and rewarding challenge, and once you unlock the puzzle, you may find it difficult to put the pen down.

People who have experienced the Grimsmo Saga pen have expressed their positive opinions about it. While it may be challenging to acquire one due to limited availability, those who have been able to obtain it speak highly of its quality and craftsmanship. However, it’s important to note that individual preferences may vary, and the pen’s worthiness may depend on personal preferences and priorities.

Grimsmo Saga Pens for Sale

United States Canada

The Grimsmo Saga pen is designed to accommodate Schmidt P900 Parker Style Ballpoint Pen Ink Cartridges with a fine point (0.6mm). This ensures a reliable and consistent writing performance.

Collectible Pens – Vintage Pens for Sale

collecting pens

Pen collecting as a hobby is very popular world-wide. Pens have been around for hundreds of years, if not thousands! And even today lots of people not only collect great pens but use them every day.

Can you make money collecting vintage pens? Maybe..  some pens increase in value every year because they are rare and scarce. Others don’t necessarily increase in value, but collectors buy them because – well – they just like them. And like most collectors, the more they have the better. The pen collecting market is actually quite large. 

A few pen makers have a lengthy history of producing great works of art in the form of pens. Many collectors seek specific brands from the leading producers, with a preference for luxury names. According to a recent analysis by Technavio on the international luxury pen market, the market growth of fountain pens from 2021 to 2025 is estimated to be $ 712.7 million. The great demand for stylish pens combined with the plethora of vintage pens generates a substantial market for collector pens.


Best Vintage and Luxury Pens


Cross Pens

The A.T. Cross Company was one of the world’s oldest pen manufacturers, formed in 1946. Richard Cross created the business based on his family’s background as a jeweller. They initially created gold and silver pencil casings before producing new writing apparatuses like the mechanical pencil. Cross has been the White House’s official pen provider since the 1970s. Legislators use Cross pens to write legislation and then distribute the pens to spectators as souvenirs. Presidents have been using Cross pens since Gerald Ford. Find Cross Pens for sale.

Waterman Pens

The Waterman Pen Company, founded by Lewis Waterman in New York City in 1884, was one of the first manufacturers of collectible pens. This characteristic makes fountain pen collecting Waterman brand fountain pens highly desirable. Later, Waterman would develop the first pen clip, allowing owners to carry their pens in their pockets. Lewis Waterman started his working life as an insurance agent. After losing a sale because a pen spilled all over the contract he was presenting to a customer, he went through a harrowing event. He got a gold distinction at the 1900 Exposition Universelle for simplifying a design by establishing the “spoon-feed” mechanism, which kept ink from overflowing. Waterman Pens for sale.

Montblanc Fountain Pens

Mont Blanc was founded in Hamburg, Germany, and is most known for its pen production. The company also produces timepieces, leather purses, accessories, and paper products. The Mont Blanc logo is a snowcap with six points, marking the highest peak in the Swiss Alps. The number 4810, the height of Mont Blanc in meters, is a frequent motif of the pen manufacturer. Special edition fountain pens by Montblanc can cost thousands of dollars. Find Montblanc Fountain Pens for sale.


Montegrappa, an Italian luxury goods manufacturer, is renowned for its excellent fountain pens. Established in 1912, Elmo Montegrappa produces its goods at the same plant in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Ernest Hemingway, a volunteer ambulance driver during World War I, wrote his correspondence with Elmo & Montegrappa pens. The Aquila family holds most of the business, but noteworthy partners include Formula One racer Jean Alesi and celebrity Sylvester Stallone. Locate Montegrappa Fountain Pens for sale.

Parker Fountain Pens

George Safford Parker created the Parker Pen Company in 1888. After establishing the business, George Parker submitted a patent application for the “Lucky Curve” fountain pen feeding method. Since the 1920s to the 1960s, the company’s international sales were first or second. Over $400 million in sales were attributable to the invention of the Parker 51, the most renowned fountain pen at the time. Find Parker Fountain Pens for sale here.

Parker’s Duofold

With the launch of the Parker Duofold in 1921, a tremendous growth leap occurred. In addition to black ink, the stylish pen provided a choice of colors for thick rubber fountain pen users. The Parker Vacumatic dispensing mechanism was another breakthrough that propelled the company to new heights. President John F. Kennedy favored Parker pens and used them to sign bills. President Lyndon Johnson planned to present each of the 60,000 pens he ordered for his law signing ceremonies as gifts. Parker Duofold Pens for sale.

Mabie Todd

Since the 1940s, Mabie Todd has produced gold nib pens, mechanical pencils, and dip pens emphasizing quality and innovation. The fountain pen was the subject of Mabie Todd & Bard’s first patent, which they received in 1878. In 1884, the firm moved into Europe by founding an office in London. Unique vintage Mabie Todd pens from the 1930s can be purchased for a few hundred dollars. My favorite pen is the Mabie Todd Blackbird with a 14k gold semi-flex medium-tipped nib. This pen from 1935 presently sells for approximately $200. Get Mabie Todd Pens current inventory.

John Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart was founded in London in 1905 by Thomas Garner and Frank Jarvis and became renowned for its high-quality fountain pens. They called the company “Conway Stewart” after a prominent music hall performer. After serving De La Rue Company, the proprietors decided to leave independently. Conway Stewart grew dramatically throughout the 1920s, capturing market share from the larger De La Rue. John Conway Stewart Fountain Pens for sale.


Vintage or Modern pens to collect?

This is about what you like. As you can imagine, there are good vintage and bad vintage – same with modern pens. One factor to take into consideration is that rare (=expensive) vintage pens will most likely increase in value. If you buy a modern, high value pen it might drop in value. But as a collector – you should be less interested in value, more in admiring the workmanship and enjoying your purchase.

The Pen Market is an additional colossal marketplace for vintage pen collectors. You may buy, sell, and trade thousands of entries for practically every sort of pen ever created. In addition to offering sales, The Pen Market also provides service and repair.

This website includes a vast selection of pens in nearly every price range, where you may find your cherished vintage pen or buy new goods.

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