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Pelikan M481

What is the Pelikan M481 Pen?

The Pelikan M481 pen is like the M200, and is the same size – but is the export version. The M481 does have several interesting variances the pen’s trim detail. One unusual feature is that the Pelikan logo is not on the cap top, but underneath the blind cap. The M481 was produced from 1983 to 1985. After the introduction of the M400 – Pelikan thought to bring a more economical range of piston fillers to the world-wide pen market.

Pelican pens on

Pelican pens on

The 481 cap inserts are the same as the ones on the M400 series. They are decorated with the Pelikan logo, and are contained by a golden crown. And considering that the M481 is the less expensive version of the popular M400, the pen got the insignificant cap as a replacement for the golden crown – and interestingly, the logo also disappeared. The nib is steel, gold plated, 12 ct-bi-color. Frequently with friction fit nib.

It should be noted that a version of the M481 was called the “Demonstrator”. It was listed at the Pelikan Demonstrator and the pen has identical trim as the other pens in the line. You can find the Pelikan Demonstrator for sale HERE.


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What is the Pelikan M481 Pen

Pelikan M481 For Sale

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