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What is so special about the Montblanc Ramses II Fountain Pen?

What sets Montblanc Ramses II fountain pens apart from other writing instruments is simply the luxurious materials they are made from. For one, the nibs of the fountain pens are made from pure gold ribbon – stamped by machine – and polished by hand for extremely precise and smooth writing.

Montblanc pens on

Montblanc pens on

The hard to find Montblanc Ramses II pen can be found in many variations. One of the most desired Ramses II is the MONTBLANC Meisterstuck Solitaire Ramses II.

Montblanc Ramses II refers to a collection of luxury writing instruments created by Montblanc, paying homage to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, particularly Ramses II. There are different versions and types of Montblanc Ramses II pens available. Here is some information about various Montblanc Ramses II products:

  1. Montblanc Meisterstück Ramses II: This is a fountain pen from the Ramses II series launched in 1995. It features a body made of genuine deep blue lapis lazuli, gold, and vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver). The pen comes with an 18k 4810 Montblanc nib and original packaging, including a certificate of authenticity. It is in mint condition.
  2. Montblanc Meisterstück Ramses II Fountain Pen: This fountain pen is based on the 144 pen model. It has a lapis cap, blue section, and vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver) cap and trim. The pen uses Montblanc cartridges or converters and comes with an 18k Montblanc 4810 broad nib. It is in very nice condition with minor marks.
  3. Montblanc Ramses II Blue Lapis Lazuli Ballpoint Pen and Pencil: This set includes a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. The pens were originally gold-plated (vermeil), but the gold has worn off on the offered pens. The bodies, caps, clips, and cap-tops are made of solid 925 silver with blue lapis lazuli enamel. These pens are described as heavily used and are sold as-is.
  4. Montblanc Ramses II Vermeil 18K Gold Solitaire Classic Rollerball Pen: This rollerball pen is made from genuine blue lapis lazuli with gold dust and a vermeil barrel. It features the Montblanc signature star on the cap in white enamel. The pen comes with a solid gold trim and packaging. It is a classic rollerball pen.

Montblanc Ramses II pens are highly sought after due to their luxurious materials, including lapis lazuli, gold, and vermeil. The pens are available in various models, such as fountain pens, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and rollerball pens.


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