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How do I choose which writing instrument is best for my needs?

In choosing the right kind of pen for you, consider what it will be used for, such as for business or for casual letter writing. The size of the ball point is also a major consideration. Just bear in mind that the results should be as readable as possible.

Choosing the right pen

* What is the difference between a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen?

The main difference is the ink. In ballpoint pens, the ink is an oil-based paste ink that dries immediately. It is suited to all types of writing styles. The frustration some people feel with ballpoint pens usually involves an inferior brand of pen that makes blobs or skips. High quality ballpoint pens do not do this.

On the other hand, the ink of a rollerball pen is more fluid than ball point ink, so it seldom skips, but the ink does take a few seconds to dry. The ink in a rollerball also runs out sooner than in a ballpoint, requiring more frequent refills.

* Are there any pens used for writing that are not filled with ink or lead?

The digital pen is the latest innovation. This is not a typical pen that needs to be filled with ink or lead in order to be used for writing. With a digital pen you can write and draw images on a special board and then send it to compatible phones. There are several types and brands of digitals pens on the market.

* What was the first writing instrument?

The quill pen is considered the first writing instrument ever invented. It was introduced around 700 A.D. and is made from a bird’s quill feather, one of the largest feathers on a bird. The quills of the goose are the most common feathers for the making quill pens. A quill pen usually lasted about two weeks, after which it is had to be replaced. Most writers kept several quills on hand all the time.

* How does a quill pen work?

A quill pen is a simple writing tool. The end of a large feather is sharpened to a point and the point is dipped in ink. The quill must be repeatedly dipped in the ink while writing, as the ink on the tip is used up. The quill can also be resharpened using a small knife, as the tip wears down. After about two weeks of resharpening, you will need to get a new quill.

The writing style is greatly affected by the kind of feather that is used for a quill pen. If you want to produce a fine line, then you use crow feathers. The quill pen works especially well for right-handed writers because the feathers curve outward and away from your face if you are right-handed.